Faith – Archie Andrews Imagine

Blood. There was blood everywhere. By this time, (Y/N) and Archie weren’t phased by it. Archie kept his foot down on the pedal, swiveling round each corner.

“Hold on, Dad.” Archie stressed, (Y/N) put more pressure to the wound. Archie finally pulled up at the hospital, the two holding onto him and practically dragging him through the doors.

“Help! Please, someone!” (Y/N) shouted as they made it into the hospital. Almost immediately a nurse came to assist, calling for a gurney.

Archie and (Y/N) were pushed back to wait as his father was wheeled into the surgery room. Archie collapsed into their embrace as he began to weep. Stroking his hair softly, they allowed a tear to fall down their face. Embracing each other, coated in the blood of a man whom they both loved dearly, his life slipping away.

“Archie,I know he’ll pull through, okay? Have faith in him.” (Y/N) scrubbed some of the blood on his cheek away as he held onto their waist.

“I-I don’t know what to do, (Y/N). If he dies-” (Y/N) cut him off with a light kiss to his chapped lips.

“He’s not going to die. We are going to get through this, and so is he.” Archie brought his forehead down onto theirs and they embraced each other once more. It seemed that no one could escape the terrors that Riverdale birthed.