Get On – Jughead Jones Imagine

|| In honour of Riverdale s2, I’m doing a small series of drabbles purely stemming from scenes in the season which have inspired me 🙂 ||

“Get on.” Jughead stated bluntly. (Y/N) did a double take, raising an eyebrow at their boyfriend who sat on top of his bike, helmet extended out for them to take.

“Jughead Jones, I don’t do bikes.” They chuckled nearing the vehicle slowly.

“Please? I thought the infamous (Y/N) loved to be reckless.” He said sarcastically, drawing a chuckle from (Y/N)’s mouth. Shaking their head, they grabbed hold of the helmet, adjusting it so it would fit.

“Try not to kill us.” They whispered into his ear, pressing a kiss to his cheek. Jughead smiled, moving his head slightly before placing a kiss on their lips.

“No promises.” He mumbled before starting the engine. (Y/N) wrapped their arms around his waist before resting their head on his shoulder. Maybe motorbikes weren’t so bad after all?