Dating Jughead Jones Pt.2 –

•Sharing music.

•If he ever gets lonely at the trailer he will come to your house.

Sneaks in through your window.

•Sometimes you just hold each other, as if you can protect each other that way.

•Cute burger dates.

•Your parents practically call him son now.

•F.P appreciating what you do for Jughead so much.

•Like he knows, even if he goes to prison, you will look after Jughead.

•So protective even after Jason’s murder has been solved.

•Film references all the damn time.

“I love you.” “I know.” “Did you just quote star wars at me?”

•Riding on his bike.

•He’d love it when you’d cling onto him when he accelerated.

•Wearing his serpent jacket.

•He’d take pictures of you without you realising bc he thought you ‘just looked so beautiful’.

•Polaroids of you two all over each others rooms.

•Some of you kissing, some of you pulling faces, some of you with Archie, Betty and Veronica.

•Let’s not forget poor ol’ Kevin.

•But there’s one where you’re just kind of looking into each others eyes, and Jughead somehow managed to take the photo at the perfect angle and wow.

•Supporting his choices and advising him.

•Sitting at your table everyday after school at Pops’.

•Some days you wouldn’t even talk, just do your own thing in each others presence.

•“I swear, one day, I’m going to marry you.”

•Baking together at your house bc Jughead secretly loves baking.

•Gentle kisses and cheek caresses.

•Soft Jughead when he’s in your presence and no one else’s.

•Competing with his sarcasm.

•So much love for each other.