Happy Holidays, Riverdale fans! Welcome to Riverdale Reindeer Gamesan ALL SHIP, ALL CHARACTER inclusive event! We have 8 days of festive prompts prepared for December 7th-14th and we will continue to accept content until January 1st. Don’t forget to tag #riverdaleevents or #buggiebreak on your first 5 tags!



  • Decorations – Lights, trees, out/inside, preparing the home 
  • GIF – Favorite location/set


  • Presents – Shopping, cards, gift exchanges 
  • GIF – Exchanges of affection/touches


  • Parties – Ugly sweater, balls/galas, office 
  • GIF – Favorite event/gathering


  • Winter Wonderland – Snowed in, winter sports, snowmen 
  • GIF – Favorite scene with action/sport/dance


  • Family Traditions – Elf on shelf, movie watches, photos, unique festivities
  • GIF – Favorite family, by blood or by choice


  • Costumes – Santa/Mrs Claus, elf, festive PJ’s 
  • GIF – Favorite outfit


  • Food – Sweets, Dinners, Baking 
  • GIF – Favorite scene involving food/drink


  • Day of Holiday Celebrations – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St. Nicholas Day, Winter Solstice, New Years, etc 
  • GIF – Creative or color themed set

We have come up with suggestions for each days’ topic to help inspire ideas. If there is a concept or idea that isn’t listed under one of the prompt days, and it’s applicable to that days’ theme, feel free to create it! If you’re not sure, just ask us!

What characters and ships are applicable?

  • We will be accepting content for ANY Riverdale character or ship! 
  • Solo, original character, reader insert, het, slash, and ot3′s are all welcome!

What kind of creative content can be submitted?

  • Fanfic, Graphics, Gifsets, Fanart, Aesthetics, Fanvids, etc
  • If it’s created content, you can submit it!

What is the tracked tag for this event?

  • The main tag for this event will be #riverdaleevents and #buggiebreak
  • Please tag all your content with this tag in the FIRST 5 TAGS so we are sure to find it!

Ship, Trigger Warnings, and Other Tags:

  • Every piece of content we reblog will be appropriately tagged with ship/character tags.

    When you post your piece, make sure to use the correct ship tag so that we can reblog appropriately. If you aren’t sure what your ship tag is, check out our masterlist! [CLICK HERE FOR RIVERDALE SHIP TAGS]

  • If there is a trigger in your content, make sure to tag appropriately on your tumblr post and/or Ao3 post. We will be tagging our reblogs for trigger warnings with a tw: insert trigger warning tag for the comfort of our followers.
  • Other tags: #het  #slash  #ot3  #nsfw #fanfic  #gif  #fanart  #edit  #fanvid

How does work get submitted for this event?

  • To submit work, please tag us with #riverdaleevents or #buggiebreak  in the first 5 tags of your work or at @riverdale-events on your piece. We will reblog every submission here at Riverdale-Events during the prompt week (and the weeks following for late submissions).

    If we miss reblogging your content, send us an ask!

  • You can start working on these creative works at any time, but please don’t start posting pieces until their respective prompt days. Be sure to indicate which prompt your content is for. If you’re late in getting a piece done, no problem! We will happily post late submissions — just not early ones.
  • We also have an AO3 collection. AO3 has a really great tutorial on how to post to a collection! Check it out for in-depth instructions. The easiest way to join is to go straight to the Riverdale Reindeer Games collection on AO3, and click the Post to Collection button. That will take you to a screen to upload your fic as normal! That button fills out the specific collection for you, so you know your work is going to the right place. Your fic will still show up under your works, and you will be listed as the author of your part of the collection.

When can I submit content until? When is the masterlist release date?

  • We will continue to reblog and accept Reindeer Games prompt content until JANUARY 1ST.

    We run active prompts for 8 days and a lot of content is posted during the event week! However, we do accept late submissions – especially during the busy holiday season! 

  • We will post our masterlist on New Years Day to help with the hangovers and holiday blues!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to send us an ask, or reach out in direct messages to any of us running this event!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Happy Holidays!

Reindeer Games starts this Friday, December 7th, and goes until January 1st! Get ready for seasonal content!! ❄️