The Riverdale Reindeer Games festivities continue! 

This is a festive winter event for all Riverdale ships and characters: slash, het, OC, reader insert, and ot3s are all welcome! Make sure to tag #riverdaleevents in the first five tags of all your posts. All creative content (fics, gifs, aesthetics, art, video, graphics, etc) is included in this event!

Today’s prompt features your favorite ships and characters with presents — shopping, holiday cards, gift exchanges (of the funny or serious sort). Today is all about the giving & receiving!

For GIF Makers: GIF exchanges of affection and/or touches.

Remember!: Tag  #riverdaleevents (in the first 5 tags), indicate what day/prompt your post is for, tag your ships, and don’t forget to add your fics to the Riverdale Reindeer Games collection on AO3. Busy this holiday season? This event runs until January 1st! We welcome any content until then! We would appreciate it if you tagged @riverdale-events on your piece. You’re welcome to join in at any time, but you don’t have to participate every day. 

Check out our post for full details, FAQs, how-to’s, and the week’s prompts.