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Jughead Jones Aesthetic

Archie Andrews Aesthetic

Maybe, rebel without a cause? • Jughead Jones Montage 

Jughead Jones Aesthetic 2.0

Black and White • Jughead Jones Montage

•Veronica Lodge ~ Hufflepuff Aesthetic

•Jughead Jones ~ Slytherin Aesthetic

Archie Andrews ~ Gryffindor Aesthetic

Betty Cooper ~ Ravenclaw Aesthetic

•Southside Serpent ● Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones Bruised Aesthetic•

Rule of Three ~ Jughead Jones

•Teen Vogue –

•2nd October, happy birthday, Jughead Jones.

Jughead Jones Autumn Aesthetic

1.01 x 2.01 Comparison Collage

Cheryl Blossom Christmas Aesthetic

Jughead Jones Christmas Aesthetic

Well, Hot Damn. – Cole.

Pulse Spikes – Lili.

Monochrome – Cole.

Denim Boy – Cole.

Sweet Pea Cover

Sweet Pea – Slytherin Aesthetic

Jughead Jones ~

Something Always Comes Along – J.J Imagine

Nostalgia – J.J Imagine

Easy Like Sunday Morning – J.J Imagine

Home – J.J Imagine

Ties and Turmoil – J.J Imagine

Dating Jughead Jones –

•Get on – J.J Imagine

Dating Jughead Jones Pt. 2 –

Bruised – J.J Imagine

Family – J.J Imagine

Betty Cooper ~

Because I Love Her – B.C Imagine

Archie Andrews ~

Knight In Varsity Armour – A.A Imagine

Our Haven – A.A Imagine

•Faith – A.A Imagine

Sweet Pea ~

Sweet Pea Headcanons (Plus-sized reader)

Kiss Me – S.P Imagine

Personal Plots ~

•Personal Plot Post

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