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Sexual Assault Survivor Resources Masterlist (NOT EXHAUSTIVE)

Below is a list of resources for survivors of sexual assault. Keep in mind that this list is incomplete and mostly based in the United States, and more will be added to it as I find them.

1. RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest Network) – 800-656-4673 and HERE.

2. Take Back The Night – They have a victims rights attorney who provides free legal assistance. You can get to them at 888-995-1113 and HERE.

3. The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) – they primarily offer support to members of the LGBTQ community and HIV affected individuals, but if you are a survivor of violence and/or sexual assault, they will not turn you down. You can contact them at 212-714-1141 and HERE.

4. ChildHelp – they run the National Child Abuse Helpline which is active 24/7. You do not have to be a minor to report abuse you may have faced as a child, and they are more than willing to talk to people of all ages who are survivors of child abuse. Any emails you send them are NON-CONFIDENTIAL. You can contact them at 1-800-422-4453.

5. AfterSilence – AfterSilence is an online support group for individuals who are survivors of sexual assault and violence. Their message board isn’t very prompt or active, but most people get responses within 24-48 hours, and it’s a safe space much like this blog. You can visit their website HERE.

6. Darkness to Light – They offer local information and resources about sexual abuse. These services are 24/7, free of charge, confidential, and will be answered by a trained information and referral representative. Helpline availability varies according to state and call center. Darkness to Light also has resources for reporting child sex abuse and human trafficking. You can contact them at 866-367-5444 or HERE, and can also text ‘LIGHT’ to 741741 for crisis support with a trained counselor.


Archie: If Kirby absorbed you, what power would he get?

Jughead: Depression


Sweet Pea:
You need to stop doing weird things. Going out might help.

I went to the park today

Sweet Pea:
I hope you got something out of that

I did! *opens jacket* a duck

I MISS MY BOY DILTON. At least he gets screen …

I MISS MY BOY DILTON. At least he gets screen time in the comics (and IDK if you are keeping up with Archie 2015 but a lot of it has been shared with Moose which is ANOTHER relationship we deserve on Riverdale. Also Toni and Dilton are bffs and where that relationship at too)

DILTON WE HARDLY KNEW YE!!!!!! The man stabbed his KNEECAP for us and we pay him DIRT!!!!! I’m happy to hear he’s in the comics!!!! Dilton/Moose is good good whole wheat shredders

Betty @ Kevin:




Riverdale Liveblog: Fire Walk With Me

  • What even is this HGTV commercial
  • Of course they live on Elm Street


Thank you for being a father to all of us, Luke.

Rest In Peace.



It often happens that an actor playing a role comes to symbolise the very thing that their character stands for. For years, Luke Perry was the unflappable cool of Dylan McKay – mysterious, brooding, the bad boy. He of the thousand posters, the screaming fangirls. He would take on many other roles following 90210’s end, but to many, he would always be Dylan.

That was until he resurfaced in 2017 to a new generation of teen fans – no longer the bad boy, but Fred Andrews, the only good parent in a town full of bad ones, the reliable, calming presence onscreen that loved his son and loved his town.

Somewhere beneath the layers, of course, was the real Luke – a mentor and ally to the younger cast, who were dealing with the very fame that had seen Luke at his peak. None of us fans ever really knew him, but from glimpses of who he was around others, we could piece a few things together – his kindness, his light and buoyancy, his lack of fear and cynicism. He was loved, so loved, by the cast and crew, and though we didn’t know him as they did, we at least knew that.

Luke was so many things to so many people. What’s consistent, at least, is this: the world wasn’t ready to say goodbye, not this soon. The grief in this is that we thought we had time. We thought we had a little more of Luke to know.


Rest in Peace.