Author: Incorrect Riverdale Quotes

me @ this season’s premiere:

Thank you, Fred Andrews, for being the best on-screen dad on this mess of a show.

And thank you, Luke Perry, for leaving this world better than it was before you.

congratulations to Riverdale for making me cry with this episode

please ask me I’m bored

I’ll now be posting all of my unsolved bullshit on @unsolved-nine-nine so follow me there for the latest hotdaga updates and whether shane is definitively a demon or not

in the midst of a mental breakdown right now over the stupidest fucking thing and really hating myself

as Eid falls in pride month, I just wanna wish all my LGBTQIA+ followers and friends a happy Pride and Eid Mubarak!


Pride Month Moodboard




OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.

I have an announcement to make

I’m gay for Brie Larson

That’s it, thanks for coming to my TED talk