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slytherin sweet pea aesthetic


Sweet Pea Headcanons – (plus sized reader)

  • No one could love you more than this boy.
  • Completely and irrefutably in love with you and your curves.
  • “You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”
  • Let’s promote self love here, y’all know you’re beautiful but hearing him say it is??? just the sweetest thing???
  • God forbid anyone so much as even give you a funny look let alone make a comment about you because that kid is going to be throwing some punches.
  • Sweet Pea respects that you can stick up for yourself but he is 100% ready to fight your battles for you.
  • Kisses in the hallway.
  • Kisses in class.
  • Kisses absolutely everywhere and anywhere bc neither of you give a shit.
  • Him letting you wear his leather jacket.
  • Giving you one of his rings attached to a silver necklace so you can wear that too.
  • Hickies. Hickies. Hickies.
  • He wants everyone to know you’re together;;; will even sport the one’s you’ve given him sometimes.
  • Fixing him up after he gets into fights.
  • Being infatuated with his hair and him pretending not to love it when your run your fingers through it.
  • There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t tell you everything that he finds beautiful/handsome about you (((there’s a lot))).
  • Planning on running away together when everything gets a bit too much.
  • Promising each other that you’ll stick together no matter what.
  • Loving each other unconditionally ;

A/N Long overdue ((slowly coming out of my hiatus)). Tags: @hitthepedalh3avym3tal and the beautiful anon who requested this.


sweet pea x reader coming soon

denim boy – credits to Cole.

denim boy – credits to Cole.

North and South will clash when Riverdale retu…

North and South will clash when Riverdale returns in ONE WEEK on The CW!

Monochrome ~ Credits to Cole.

Monochrome ~ Credits to Cole.

Bruised – Jughead Jones Imagine

”You know I don’t get it. How can someone like him pull someone like them? What do I have to do, lose my house and job?” The group of Jocks all chuckled at the snide comment at Jughead. (Y/N) tightened their grip around his waist, squeezing in assurance to simply just keep walking. That was on Jughead’s agenda until one more comment made him snap.

“I would say that they were with him for his money but that can’t be true. I’m sure that that whore is just sleeping around.” Snap. It was like a trigger inside Jughead. As soon as he heard them insult his partner he leapt out of (Y/N)’s grip, launching himself at the jock, aggressively throwing punches left and right. The jock, taken by surprise, stumbled back, allowing Jughead a few hits before he knocked back, straight into his eye. All the while, both (Y/N) and the Jocks tried to peel the boys off of each other.

”Jughead! Enough!” (Y/N) shouted, pulling on his arm harshly, back into their chest. Jughead heaved, spitting a mix of blood and saliva out of his mouth and onto the floor. He looked back at (Y/N)’s pleading face and his gaze softened.

”You shut your damn mouth, asshole.” He stated, pointing his finger at the jock, who was still surprised and dazed from the fight.

”Come on, Juggie.” (Y/N) whispered, grabbing his hand and pulling him with them towards Pops’, their original destination.

After sitting down, Jughead slung his arm around (Y/N)’s shoulder, leaning his head back against the seat. Though they were concerned, (Y/N) couldn’t help the smirk growing on their face. Jughead saw this from his peripheral vision, his bruise already swelling.

”What?” He asked, almost nervously as he met their gaze. (Y/N) only smiled wider and rested their head on his shoulder, grabbing his hand.

”That was actually pretty hot.” Jughead broke into a smile, becoming bashful at the entire situation. Resting his head on their own, he placed a light kiss on the top.

”I thought you would be angry.” He mumbled, nuzzling into their soft hair.

”Jughead Jones, why would I be angry at you for sticking up for me and yourself? I’ve never been with anyone who would literally throw themselves at a jock like that just because of a comment.” (Y/N) chuckled, looking up at Jughead and stroking his unhurt cheek.

”So you’re not angry?” He asked, for reassurance and pure amusement. (Y/N) shook their head and leant up to place a gentle kiss on his lips.

”No. Besides, bruised is totally your aesthetic.” They finished, chuckles lightly coming from them both, drifting throughout the empty diner.

My favourite photo of Lili // Credits to Pulse…

My favourite photo of Lili // Credits to Pulse Spikes