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I love Riverdale :)

I love Riverdale 🙂

So do I, buddy – so do I 😀

my friends don’t watch r*verdale so some…

my friends don’t watch r*verdale so sometimes I just send them screenshots of your posts and pretend it’s from the actual show

Riverdale is best experienced through a kaleidoscope of better pieces of pop culture so we support your endeavours. 

@gingerywilson and @bromagnet 

B99 Themed Ask


joke peralta – what is your favorite joke or episode of b99?

pineapples – do you have any nicknames?

amy – how organized are you?

santiago – favorite font?

ames – what is your myers briggs personality type?

rosa – are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist?

ro-ro – name 3 things that make you happy.

emily goldfinch – what do strangers usually think about you?

charles boyle – how clumsy/prone to injury are you?

captain holt – are you a good leader?

raymond – tell us about something petty you’ve done.

BONE?!!!??! – who was right about the monty hall problem?

gina – have you ever gotten any stitches or broken bones?

kwazy kupcakes – what is your favorite app?

dancy reagan – are you a good dancer?

terry jeffords – do you like kids?

minivan dad – tell a dad joke.

terry’s reading glasses – do you wear glasses?

peraltiago – do you enjoy the will they/won’t they dynamic in tv shows?

dianetti – what do you hope happens this season of b99?

pimento – who/what do you hate?

CJ – what’s the most expensive frivolous purchase you’ve made?

cheddar – do you have any pets?

coral palms – have you ever been to florida?

the hiatus™ – are you looking forward to anything?

the pontiac bandit – who is your favorite character in b99?

gertie – do you have any worthless objects that mean a lot to you?

sexarella – have you ever lost or broken something important?

nikolaj – what was your favorite toy as a kid?

teddy (from jazz brunch) – are you the life of the party or the party pooper?

hitchcock and scully – what is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Send me one of these, people!

How do you add text to your photos? Like do yo…

How do you add text to your photos? Like do you use photoshop?

We use AddText (

If they would like to pay us for this promo that would be A+++ lol