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Sweet Pea Headcanons – (plus sized reader)

  • No one could love you more than this boy.
  • Completely and irrefutably in love with you and your curves.
  • “You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”
  • Let’s promote self love here, y’all know you’re beautiful but hearing him say it is??? just the sweetest thing???
  • God forbid anyone so much as even give you a funny look let alone make a comment about you because that kid is going to be throwing some punches.
  • Sweet Pea respects that you can stick up for yourself but he is 100% ready to fight your battles for you.
  • Kisses in the hallway.
  • Kisses in class.
  • Kisses absolutely everywhere and anywhere bc neither of you give a shit.
  • Him letting you wear his leather jacket.
  • Giving you one of his rings attached to a silver necklace so you can wear that too.
  • Hickies. Hickies. Hickies.
  • He wants everyone to know you’re together;;; will even sport the one’s you’ve given him sometimes.
  • Fixing him up after he gets into fights.
  • Being infatuated with his hair and him pretending not to love it when your run your fingers through it.
  • There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t tell you everything that he finds beautiful/handsome about you (((there’s a lot))).
  • Planning on running away together when everything gets a bit too much.
  • Promising each other that you’ll stick together no matter what.
  • Loving each other unconditionally ;

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