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Thank you for being a father to all of us, Luke.

Rest In Peace.


Rest in Peace.



@riverdale keep killing off all of Archie Comic’s iconic characters at this rate and all that will be left in this town’s teenage demographic is the core four

bold of you to assume that’s not what they want

stardom: What happens when you ask Rob Raco t…


What happens when you ask Rob Raco to read some of the best Tumblr posts from the Riverdale fandom? He talks Joavin, shivving, and alternative show titles.

Featuring posts by: @southsideserpents, @incorrectchoniberonicaswangs, @zelo-never-dies, @theserpentsqueen, @time-deceives-us, @atownalwayshornyandcrimeridden, @bugheader, @bigdsgirl, @incorrect-riverdales, @tea-drinkr

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Something wicked this way comes.

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The Bed Squeak Gang™️.

I need the bloopers for these scenes. There’s no way Cole and KJ did those scenes in one take.

India Might Finally Remove A 157-Year Old Law …

India Might Finally Remove A 157-Year Old Law That Criminalizes Gay Sex:



This week, India may pass a landmark decision that will overturn a 157-year old bullshit law that criminalised gay sex (or any non penile-vaginal sex, if I’m being particular here).

The first question that arises here is that – WHO THE FUCK checks what kind of frick frack anyone’s doing? They’re not doing it in the street or in the centre of a supermarket, so how the fuck do you know?

The answer is simple – it’s a bullshit law that was used by buttoned-up stuffy Victorian men to preserve their bullshit ideas of morality, nothing else. And for a country that’s famed for being rather free and liberal regarding sex in its past (Kama Sutra, anyone?) and was colonised by said stuffy old white men, it’s ironic that we’ve built our moral system upon theirs and have therefore decided to criminalise the existence of over 100 million individuals.

The law might be getting repealed this week, but honestly, what will change?

Some, but not enough.

They won’t legally be able to throw you in jail under that particular tenet, but as an Indian who has grown up closely looking at the political fabric of this garbage fire of a democracy, that matters shit. The police wanna throw you in for fucking someone of your own sex? They can and they will be able to long after Section 377 is struck down and it’s no longer legal to do so.

You know why they will be able to do that? Because the Indian society as a whole won’t accept LGBTQIA+ individuals anytime, and the repealing of any section isn’t going to magically change their mindset anytime soon. We don’t have ANY positive representation of LGBTQIA+ individuals in our country – gay people are considered to be security threats according to some of our bullshit politicians, some consider them works of Satan. Parents would rather their kids die than be gay. Trans individuals are considered freaks and anomalies, and asexual individuals have regularly been sufferers of corrective rape.


You seriously think these people will accept gay people overnight?

So yeah, while Section 377 will be struck down and people across the country will celebrate the end of a degenerate law that should have never been there in the first place, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. NOTHING, FOR THE LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY, WILL CHANGE.

The only way something will change is by changing the mindset of the public towards LGBTQIA+ people, and that fight is long and still ahead of all of us.

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