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in the midst of a mental breakdown right now over the stupidest fucking thing and really hating myself

as Eid falls in pride month, I just wanna wish all my LGBTQIA+ followers and friends a happy Pride and Eid Mubarak!


Sexual Assault Survivor Resources Masterlist (NOT EXHAUSTIVE)

Below is a list of resources for survivors of sexual assault. Keep in mind that this list is incomplete and mostly based in the United States, and more will be added to it as I find them.

1. RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest Network) – 800-656-4673 and HERE.

2. Take Back The Night – They have a victims rights attorney who provides free legal assistance. You can get to them at 888-995-1113 and HERE.

3. The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) – they primarily offer support to members of the LGBTQ community and HIV affected individuals, but if you are a survivor of violence and/or sexual assault, they will not turn you down. You can contact them at 212-714-1141 and HERE.

4. ChildHelp – they run the National Child Abuse Helpline which is active 24/7. You do not have to be a minor to report abuse you may have faced as a child, and they are more than willing to talk to people of all ages who are survivors of child abuse. Any emails you send them are NON-CONFIDENTIAL. You can contact them at 1-800-422-4453.

5. AfterSilence – AfterSilence is an online support group for individuals who are survivors of sexual assault and violence. Their message board isn’t very prompt or active, but most people get responses within 24-48 hours, and it’s a safe space much like this blog. You can visit their website HERE.

6. Darkness to Light – They offer local information and resources about sexual abuse. These services are 24/7, free of charge, confidential, and will be answered by a trained information and referral representative. Helpline availability varies according to state and call center. Darkness to Light also has resources for reporting child sex abuse and human trafficking. You can contact them at 866-367-5444 or HERE, and can also text ‘LIGHT’ to 741741 for crisis support with a trained counselor.

guess whose dumb ass sprained the wrist of her dominant hand

so apparently no one told this bitch that Anne with an E was back and now I’m just disappointed


me, a Messi and Iceland stan:

I want everyone who sees this post to pay attention to what I say next, even if this isn’t a Riverdale-related post.

In Season 2 Episode 13 of Thirteen Reasons Why, an extremely gruesome sexual assault sequence unfolds in one of the school bathrooms during the 38:00 to 41:00-minute mark. Now, I have anxiety issues, but I also have an iron stomach and can take most gore and violence.

But this made me scream.

I immediately yanked my headphones out and had tears in my eyes and had to look away from the screen because I simply could not take it.

I had problems sleeping properly after that and nearly had a panic attack, and for the next 24 hours had recurring flashbacks to that scene. If I ever revisit that episode, I will never, ever watch that scene again.

I’ve really liked this show and was glad that they would show real issues plaguing students without glossing over them.

I know this is a real event that happened to a student in a high school recently in this US, but this was too graphic and poorly shot.

So for anyone who watches this episode, if you cannot handle watching sexual assault or brutal sequences in general, SKIP THE ENTIRETY OF 38:00 TO 41:00. It was too brutal, at least for me.


joke peralta – what is your favorite joke or episode of b99?

pineapples – do you have any nicknames?

amy – how organized are you?

santiago – favorite font?

ames – what is your myers briggs personality type?

rosa – are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist?

ro-ro – name 3 things that make you happy.

emily goldfinch – what do strangers usually think about you?

charles boyle – how clumsy/prone to injury are you?

captain holt – are you a good leader?

raymond – tell us about something petty you’ve done.

BONE?!!!??! – who was right about the monty hall problem?

gina – have you ever gotten any stitches or broken bones?

kwazy kupcakes – what is your favorite app?

dancy reagan – are you a good dancer?

terry jeffords – do you like kids?

minivan dad – tell a dad joke.

terry’s reading glasses – do you wear glasses?

peraltiago – do you enjoy the will they/won’t they dynamic in tv shows?

dianetti – what do you hope happens this season of b99?

pimento – who/what do you hate?

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coral palms – have you ever been to florida?

the hiatus™ – are you looking forward to anything?

the pontiac bandit – who is your favorite character in b99?

gertie – do you have any worthless objects that mean a lot to you?

sexarella – have you ever lost or broken something important?

nikolaj – what was your favorite toy as a kid?

teddy (from jazz brunch) – are you the life of the party or the party pooper?

hitchcock and scully – what is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

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