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Alice: We’ve been like Sid and Nancy for years now.

Hal: Sid stabbed Nancy, seven times with a kitchen knife, I mean we have some fights but I dont see myself as Sid.

Alice: No I’m Sid.

Hal: Oh…


Cop: Pull over.

Kevin: Actually it’s a cardigan but thanks for noticing.


Me: *slicing air between Alice and Fp with a knife*

Alice: What in the world are you doing?

Me: Just trying to cut the sexual tension between you two.


Jughead: That burger was so good, I feel like I just cheated on you.

Betty: Yeah I heard the moaning.


Veronica: Who’s the kindest person you’ve met in riverdale?

Toni: I think Cheryl is the kindest person in this entire town.

Cheryl: Well.. if you ask around the town you may get a different answer.


Sweet pea, jokingly: Fun game, play peek-a-boo with your child but never reappear.

Jughead: My mom was really good at this game.


Cheryl: Oh no. You don’t want me. I’m a handful.

Toni: [excitedly] I have two hands!


Toni: wow, your family is shitty. You should get a new one.

Cheryl: That’s not possible.

Toni: You could always start one with me.


Betty: You called Sweet pea instead of me for help?

Jughead: Well, when you want to do something stupid, you don’t call the voice of reason.


Veronica: I’m having boy troubles.

Hermione: Just remember the quickest way to any man’s heart is through the fourth and fifth rib.