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FP:Hey buddy your grades are slipping, what’s up with that?

Jughead:What’s up with you just getting outta prison?

Archie, after being arrested for Cassidy’s murder: This is the worst day ever!

Reggie: Why, because you’ve been arrested?

Archie: No, because it’s a little humid -YES, BECAUSE I’VE BEEN ARRESTED!


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Petition to make this the mood for season 4

Twenty three minutes into Chapter Forty-One, Manhunter, there is a scene between Mr. Lodge and Jughead, and the actual quote "I'm not a sixteen year old nerd" could be a great Riverdale Remix post? If you take requests? I guess this would kind of be a gag request, because it's actualy from Riverdale.


from the other woman for penelope: (you wrecked two marriages!) First of all, one of them was mine so it doesn't count.


from glee: “you kids be careful, and if things get serious, use protection” archie: “does he mean like a burglar alarm?”


"sometimes stupid and cute are enough" can you do that quote but with Veronica?


Penny Peabody *after attempting to make a deal with the Serpents*: Do we have a deal?

F.P. Jones: No! No, no, no, no! Did I mention no?

*about Betty*

Jughead: So, you think she’s the girl for me?

Kevin: Oh, yeah. She’s tons of fun, and you’re no fun at all. She completes you.

Jughead: Promise me something, Archie. Never breed.

Archie: I’ll try.